Work Process:

Stripping routes and preparing holds for cleaning. 

Steps to Perform the Work Process
Hazards/ Potential Hazards
Transporting Dirty Holds
Prior to cleaning dirty holds may be mixed up with clean holds and they may leave clouds of dust while being carried to storage and cleaning areas
Transport dirty holds in covered containers and clearly mark the date that holds were removed to assist in quarantining and inventory.
Removing Holds
Clouds of chalk dust created when holds are vibrated and removed.
Do not strip holds above the shoulders, provide and wear higher level PPE, provide increased airflow.
Exposure to staff on the ground from falling particulates
Create and mark control zones below routes being stripped
Dust, particulate matter, aerosols, metal shards, dropped or fumbled tools
Helmet, face shield, goggles with seal around rim, gloves, face mask, and work-at-height kit.
Worksite Setup
Co-worker and client exposure to chalk dust and aerosolized materials
Strip holds during closed hours, increase airflow by opening doors and windows, require PPE and physical distancing of staff.